Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, yesterday was interesting... whether it was a noob slaughtering us with the borrowed Huggy Bear, the Huggy Bear's mighty power in general, all of the facial wounds, or the fact that Tyler used his DEagle way more than his AEG because he likes it more. The trench warfare was fun, and I liked it. I can't wait for the snow to go away so we won't be limited by it anymore.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yet another match

We had yet another match. It was overwhelming with first encounters. I pray that I will fare better against that Huggy Bear. We also gained a new member, Savannah, a cousin, who did very well for her first match.


Fatjudo: 15
SBD: 15
Savannah: 9
Levi: 6
Tyler: 6
Jason: 5

Also, I gave Fatjudo and SBD multiple eyes and SBD gained a swollen lip.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The schedule

This saturday is the match. Its starting a little later than usual, instead of at noon, its at 2:00. Tyler bring $14 to the meeting to pay for your bbs. Jason, bring your smart charger, (we can never have too many chargers at the meeting). Everyone bring your safety googles or Paintball masks. I heard the roads will freeze over tonight giving us friday off too. The Huggy Bear is goin down by the painful and hellish rage of the P90! BELGIUM* SHALL RISE OVER AUSTRIA**, THE SOVIES***, AND AMERICA****!!!!!

*-The place of origin of the FN P90
**-The place of origin of the Steyr AUG
***-The place of origin of the AK
****-The place of origin of the M4/M16 and M8

ordered! and heres the pics of my ak47

first off id like to say that i just ordered my desert eagle yesterday night so ill have that very soon=]

also here are some pictures of my UTG ak47warhawk commando AEG=]

It is quite the gun its much like Jason's Paratrooper obviously however this gun comes with more rails than his i think. Mine comes with 4 i dont remember how much the Paratrooper comes with though but almost everything else resembles the Paratrooper

-Tyler John Pachai

That'll do pig...

Hey everyone! Hope the snow is treating you right! Just a quick update:
Picked up a big bag of 30g rounds, and wow, do they fly! The new 1x30 red/green dot scope helps them find their way onto a soup can grouping at about 35-40 yards with no hassle. I swung by the army navy surplus joint and grabbed Fatjudo a set of digi-camo's so you'll feel him before you see him! Grabbed a quick pair of snow camo bdu's and am ready to pull the "sheik-n-bake" on ya! bap-bap-bap...s.b.d.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All tremble at the mighty power

(an excerpt found scrawled in a cave in late 1988)

Years ago...walking through the Mai-Kong Delta I met a grit hardened American who claimed his birth name was "Rambo" Bob Wilder. Short in stature, long in the tooth, but a war hardened soldier none the less. As we shared a can of Bin-Blown dog food, in the hot sweaty floor of the jungle he suddenly stopped short his sentence and was over took by the 100 yard stare. Pale....motionless.... sweat glistening from his bristle broom mustache matted with Bin-Blown dog food. I had only seen him drift off one other time since we had been assigned to one another over a seven month span. That night I never would have believed a man was capable of such physical horror to another human being ....much less a scout team of ten VC market farmers...but thats a whole different story all together. His bottom lip began to tremble, dog food dancing in the corners of his mouth like little misshapen puppets dancing the final number in some sick twisted Jim Hensen skit. ...Uttering a dark distant raspy voice... eyes still focused ....not on a object in front of us ....but an object in time...a distant vision that only his minds eye could see. Swallowing hard he tried again...clearer now more to a whisper.... I leaned in to hear the syllables being thrust past the stale hot breath of dog food...."Muddy Bear"..."Muddy Bear". ... No that wasn't it...but before I could ask him to speak louder. "CRACK" from off in the distance...his head opened up like a lotus petal and I was covered in Bob brains and teeth. It clicked.......HUGGY BEAR!....slamming myself to the deck off in the distance I heard some non understandable jibberish...And I knew "Rambo" Bob had been just tagged by the notorious Fatjudochop

(ps. got my gun you like it?...Cause its sure gonna like you)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i got my gun today from and im not disappointed one bit great gun full of metal thank god i dont think this gun will be breaking randomly on me either=]

-Tyler John Pachai
My order from Shorty went from Delaware to the UPS place in Syracuse in just one day! I can't believe how quickly that happened. I am going to get my order, the smart charger and the Echo 1 M4 Birdcage 14mm CCW Threaded Metal Flash Hider, tomorrow. If I remember correctly, someone will be getting their Huggy Bear tomorrow too. Enjoy it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time for some poolin'

Hey Tyler and Jason, since the next match is this weekend, we are gunna need more BBs. Since I only have a can left and Jason has none, I was thinking we could pool our orders from shorty so the orders come soon. You can hand me the money in an envelope, and I'll just do some chores to work off the shipping. Leave a comment on weather or not you want some BBs or something. I need to place orders ASAP. If I don't get the orders soon, we'll have to postpone the match because w won't have BBs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Even with the bad luck

well it seems as of late everything bad that has happened to me has had a positive outcome like my order not gong through on shorty ended up giving me a chance to get my AEG about 3 months sooner than expected and now even with the destruction of my weapons on Saturday something great will quite possibly be coming out of this i lose my okay pistol for a much much better one.... The KWC Desert Eagle


The vids have posted

If you want to se the videos, scroll down a few posts.

I Feel Like Dr. Franc-en-steen

I believe that I have created some MONSTERS!

It sounds like everyone had a great time at the first ETF meeting! Even with broken guns and the addition of a third eye-ball on Fatjudo's noggen, it appears that the team is off to a good start! My deepest apologies that I could not attend this meeting, my services were required in the assembly of crib, changing table, pack n' play, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention... painting! I'll post some pics of the nursery once we get the last little things done... but enough on non-airsoft matters!

Silent-but-deadly and Mabel appear ready to come out and play! If those dents in the can are any indication of what FatJudo's head will look like in the near future, may I suggest one thing... PASGAT helmets! $20 to save the noodles! One techie note... battery power does not increase BB speed... only the rate of fire! Only the spring (and to a lesser extent) and cylinder compression will effect fps of bb's. But no worries... it looks like it is fast enough!
I just ordered a bunch of internal upgrades for my M4 (my 5% allowance of tax return!) that should substantially help the compression and accuracy of this gun. Including:

1 x G&G Polycarb Piston Head w/Bearings
1 x Guarder Version 2 Cylinder Head
1 x G&G Version 2 Spring Guide with Bearings
1 x Guarder Nozzle for M4/M16
1 x Echo 1 / Modify SP120 spring
1 x CA 6MM Oil-less Steel Bushings
1 x MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Inner Barrel for M4
1x G&P polycarbonate piston with reinforced metal teeth
All from AirsoftGI.

I have to agree with Silent about buying locally... it will help the sport grow in your area. Unfortunately for me, we have no such stores anywhere near us. Only paintball stores. But try to shop locally if you can

and most importantly...
1x Custom-made MOSFET unit from an electrical engineer friend

MOSFET unit will brake your motor so that your spring isn't partially cocked in-between shots and will also reduce trigger delay... makes your gun more responsive.

I'll be tearing the M4 apart so I will try to show everyone the internals of a Version 2 gearbox if anyone wants to do some up-grades of their own. It is complex to learn but once you do it... it is very easy to remember. Any M4/M16, MP5 will have a Ver 2 gearbox... the P90, AUG, M14, AK47 and other guns have their own unique setup (see Levi's earlier post) of which I am NO help!

I'm glad everyone had a good time and I can't wait to run the back woods of Groton... in the mean time... keep building your skillz and camo gear... YOU"LL NEED BOTH WHEN I GET UP THERE!

Tender Vittles

This is my new M8's stopping power at approx 30 yards on a dying battery. Only came with a partial charge so I wanted to drain it completely. That's a thick can! No pop cans here! Can't wait for the full charge to see what she'll do! I do get odd looks when going through my building with Maybel...thank you, orange tip!

The videos are here

These are the skirmish videos, I had some difficulties with my gun cam so there are less videos of me. I don't have a breathing problem, I was wearing gas mask. And Jason Kept saying that I invented the gun cam, I didn't, I came up with the idea of using it that way instead of holding that and a gun. When Jason first had the gun cam, I wasn't sure if he had the camera on at the time, because I had issues with my camera, I wasn't sure if he was too.

Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7

Saturday, February 20, 2010

well today was interesting

Well today whether it was guns breaking people breaking guns shoes coming untied or getting shot in the forehead it was still a fun day. Ive taken a further look on my broken pistol (thanks dad=/) and its most likely a dead pistol so i may be ordering a new one sometime shortly.Also my eBay gun broke randomly(thanks weather=/) in the middle of battle while shooting at Levi. On top of all that my stupid boots came untied about 72 times and i had a burping issue(Thanks 4 Cokes=/) that made the inside of my mask kill me before the others could shoot me. After finally getting somewhat situated i got a total of 6 kills my first time with a spring gun CO2 pistol and regular pistol that i never used in my life so overall id say not a bad day just a rough one.

-Tyler John Pachai

Major Killin Time!!!

Today, there was a mass genocide. We must have a moment of silence for the dead, Fatjudo..... Ok, we played team death match, for awhile. I was using my low cap P90 mags. I didn't do so well. Jason freaking reamed the enemy on this mode. Then we had a game of CTF. That time I freaking reamed. I only got shot like 2 times. The final scores. Jason: 22 kills. Levi: 22 kills (it would have been 24, but I shot Jason a few times while he was re-spawning). Fatjudo: 7 kills. Tyler: 6 kills. Tyler would have had many more kills if his ebay shotty didn't split in half or if his USP40 didn't get smashed by his dad. It was a lot of fun, the real fun started when it was getting dark and I could finally use my red dot. We are having another match this Saturday or Sunday if the weather is decent, I hope The Iron Sheik can make this one, if not that's ok, this is all practice until the big summer match. Be sure to bring lotsa BBs, I went through atleast 500BBs in a few matches.

From now on, all local teammates in the New York region, if you are going to purchase something, we will pool our cash, if you want something, just tell me, give me the money plus a fraction of shipping, (if it's over $100, there is no shipping) (give me the money once we purchase it) this way, we can all get our orders at the same time, plus there is reduced shipping so we all save money. Instead of paying $5 or $10 shipping, if we split the shipping, it could be as low as Free shipping.


I want 3 bags of BBs for $33
Tyler wants a new scope for $40
Jud wants a new battery for $30
And Jason wants a red dot battery for $10
All from airsoft GI
The Total: $113
Shipping: $0
Handling: $2
We Pay for only what we want, and add 50 cents to it for the handling. I don't Know about you, but that sounds a hell of a lot better than adding $10 shipping to each of these individual orders.

Oh, heavens!

First, thank you to the cats at for all their help! The dudes there are as cool as it gets! (Big fan of buying keeps local Americans working!) Secondly...damn you Astrikk for hooking us all up with those fine pistolas. You've created nightmares!!! Here she is..."Miss Maybeline". She's an Echo 1 - Stag 15 M8A4 cqb. You can call her Mabel for short. I figured with all the artillery everyone has, then it had to be this sweetie! She sounds mean enough on semi...but with a smooth flick...she becomes a real bitch! I cant wait! I picked up a tactical vest, a 450 rnd mag for "backup", a fancy urban-turban, a case, but no scope as yet. I've got time. Here are a couple pics for your enjoyment! Judo...I love the forehead! That's a fine dent! Well played!

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Muzzle Velocity: 350-360 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds

Oh Huggy Bear..where are you?

This is a live up date...the fighting has intensified to almost a "fevered frenzy" almost akin to Great Whites or possibly Free Fry Day at McDonald's. As you can see the boys are well equipped for battle. T-Patch has been plagued with gun issues since the first bell rang. The cold seems to be the Airsoft enemy. So his shot gun is now a modified pistol grip with out the grip. Levi was gracious enough to lend him his spring loaded single shot slinger. So which brings me to photo #2. T-Patch and Fatjudo were teamed up. A spring loaded single shot and a C02 pistol with 12 shots vs. Levi with the ECHO 1 P-90 and Jason's AK. Some would say that a photo is worth a thousand words....Lets just say that this "tell tale" is one of many welts that are riddled across my sloth like frame. To be very honest it stood me up right and the world went a little blurry. I could not tell if they were tears of laughter or my cerebral cortex wincing from the punishment. Either way I wouldn't have it any other way...OH HUGGY BEAR WHERE ARE YOU......



This is my newest love. I met her on and we fell in love. I'm going to call her "Maybeline" after Chuck Berry's superfantastical song. I figure a little ACOG scope is all she needs, as she's already pretty...soooo pretty! We'll be looking for you this spring and summer. We can't wait!!! You'll know us by the welts on your neck-meat!

Be sure to come

The meeting is this after noon. Be sure to come!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hmm just my luck

okay so today i found out that i wont be getting my shotgun in time for saturday...why?...because when i ordered the gun it didnt go through and for some reason my grandpa just said screw it. but there is some good news in the accident that occured im going to go right ahad and buy an UTG AK-47 commando electronically powered unfortunatly i wont have that in time for satuarday either so im just going to have to use my stupid ebay shotgun on satuarday which will be fine.

-Tyler John Pachai

Winter Skirmishing

Today there were 5mph winds, and at 29°F, Jason and I had an awesome 1 vs 1 match, called SWAT vs Terrorist. I was the SWAT, with my P90, Jason was the Terrorist, with his AK-47 Paratrooper. The Paratrooper is awesome, but couldn't handle the might of the mighty P90. I will post a vid that we recorded through most of the rounds, we had a pistol war (not recorded) and in SWAT v Terrorist, that had all but 1 round recorded, when I was recording the first round, the camera shut off by accident.

Round 1, I was hunting the Terrorist with my FN P90, I saw a shadow move around, into a shack. I followed, I turned around and no one was there, I check the shack next door, and I saw the terrorist just as he shot at me. I somehow get away from the bullets, when the bullet rain ceased, I turned around and shot him right before he could even react.

That was the 1st round that had issues with recording, so, when you see the vid, the score is 1 : 0.

There was also glares in the camera, so if the place seems pink, its just the glare, try to look past that.

The final score, SWAT 9KP : Terrorist 5KP

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, currently i have a pistol a kill rag a mask bbs and some lube today my grandpa got the long awaited eBay orders that i figured weren't going to be that good he gave my the shotgun i tried it out it actually was better then expected but still not that great so today i ordered my final order from shorty to get my shotgun im also ordering extra mags and a spec ops reflex sight and my shotgun from eBay came with a laser pointer which im going to take since that can very well be useful. i should hopefully have my orders by Friday if not defiantly Saturday

- Tyler John Pachai

Its time we step up the game!

See these pictures, do you know what these are?They are motion trackers! These pieces of science fiction are no longer fiction for $250 a pop, they only sell in a 2Pk for $500. You may ask, why the hell would anyone want to spend $500 on two plastic bricks with a screen? These plastic bricks can detect other units up to 500 meters!!! Thats 1640 Feet!!! There's an SOS button that alerts friendly tracker units. Any units within the range appear as a circle with an ID number from 1-10, and other channels range from 1-20!!! If you don't want to change channels, there's a password code with five or six digits so only units with the same code appear. I don't know about you guys, but I'm already sold. Once I raise $500 or $250 with someone who wants the other unit I'm getting this, and I might have someone machine shop a housing for this that allows me to attach this to a weaver rail so it mounts to my P90 side rail. I would appreciate it if all teammates gets one of these with another teammate. The only issue that I have with this thing is that when you need to charge it, you need a wall plug converter because it's a European product. I think Fatjudo might be able to find a few converters for these units. These units, if used right, can detect where friendlies are and reduce friendly fire, because when one of us goes around a corner you can tell a friendly is there and not shoot blindly, loosing KP might I add. Over all this thing is awesome!!!

Its gonna be cold....ish

On the day of the meeting, the weather forecast was snow showers, and the highest temperature is about 32°F. Bring your boots and something warm for the skirmish.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Only 6 more days until the meeting, I hope all of you ETF members can make it. Bring yo BBs, guns, tactical gear, safety goggles/paintball mask, batteries, gun attachments (if you have any), kill rag (optional), and any other airsoft stuff you may need. If you need a charger, I have a smart charger that you can use while you are there.

Its nice to have the knowledge

First let me start off by saying . Thank you for the battery post....although I am no was one aspect of the gun that I gave very little initial thought about. Saves me money, time and the heart ache of the learning curve.

Call me fickle Franie. I know I am going machine gun. I know its gonna be an AUG a.k.a Huggie Bear...I was thinking A3 but to be honest I love the look of the original gun. SO I plan on making my order today. After all it is Valentines day. NOTHING saiz I love you like a machine gun.

I am fearful though of Astrikk's latest post. About not having the reaching power. I can see me making a charge...feeling pretty good about my positioning and cover...and as I am drawing a bead down on say Mr. Thumbs...a small 2mm "reminder" reaches out to assure me that there is a bonafide professional out there....and I have no idea where he just tagged me from.

As fir the vid...? Underground footage of Jason showing me his "skill"


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Operation: Classified

Well, it was a long day of good skirmish. I killed more than I got killed so thats not so bad! My buddy, Fran (picture above), and I ran most of the day with our sniper rifles. It had snowed the night before, so it made for some interesting play (lotsa people eating it while running). People were pretty visible on the white backdrop, hunkering down and waiting was pretty cold and damp (reminds me of rabbit hunting... except the rabbits don't shoot back).

In airsoft, range is everything... and snipers range all! We had ~2-3 fixed positions where we could consistently drop shots through building windows; however, machine gunners could not reach us. It allowed us to cover our advancing troops and give them the ablity to get into forward postions. There really is nothing more fun than pickin people off on rooftops, or when you are well hidden as enemy slowly creep into range and they don't ever see it coming!

That being said... I stopped keeping track of my kills at 15... it's hard to keep count when there are so many people running around and you're dodging bullets! Falling back as they push forward... noone likes to get hit... but that's the fun of it.

Alright later all,


Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)Shorty USA finally has spare magazines for my UTG M50! They just started to sell them within the last couple of days. People have been saying in their reviews of the shotgun that Shorty needs to sell these, and they are finally starting to do so! I already have two (that's how many that came with my shotgun), so I don't know how many two-packs of these that I am going to get. I'll probably buy two two-packs so I can have six mags altogether for my shotgun.

Too Bad

I can't get my AK-47 paratrooper 'til Tuesday because, as I forgot, Monday is Presidents' Day, so there is no mail/UPS service. By using UPS's tracking service, I learned that their scheduled delivery will be on Tuesday. Looks like I'll have less than a day to practice before Levi comes over with his P90! That means he'll be destroying me lol.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm curious on what gun people think looks cooler. If you like a gun that isn't on the list, post a comment on either the fan site (non-members) or on this post (members).


On the 17th I'll be heading out to Jason's house for some airsofting. I'll try to get some videos and put them on.


My pistol arrived today along with bbs a spare mag and my official kill rag =] i hope to be getting my shotgun in by maybe tuesday hopefully then ill be ready for our meeting on the 20th=]

-Mr.Tyler John Pachai

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yet Another Post About the Paratrooper

I got an email from Shorty today saying that my order was shipped. If I'm lucky, I'll get my stuff on Saturday! I sure hope I do. If I don't, I should definitely get it on Monday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here's the Link - check this out; it's the UTG AK-47 paratrooper on Shorty. Oh, and I suggest that you look at all of the paratrooper's pictures. They're pretty sweet! Hopefully, I'll be able to put some of my own pictures of it on here when I get it.


Heck yes, I just ordered the UTG AK-47 paratrooper! I can't wait 'til I get it! My last Shorty order came quickly, so hopefully I'll get my stuff (I also ordered a kill rag like Levi's, spare fuses and a Galaxy G.2 pistol that was on sale for $8.49 and I got it because of its size - besides a regular pistol, I want this as a backup pistol) on Saturday! I'm so elated right now, as you can see by the following emoticon: :D !

February 20th

On February 20th, the meeting will be at noon, you are welcome anytime after 8am if you wish to come early. After we go over all the topics which may take a few minutes, we will (if the weather permits) have a skirmish shortly after in the back woods of my backyard.

If the weather is very bad on the 20th but its good the next day we will have it then.

If its bad then, we will absolutely have the skirmish the weekend after.

If this is a bad time for anyone (the 21st or the 27th) vote "no way!" on the sidebar.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OP: Unknown!

Hey All,
I'll be running a skirmish this Saturday at Xtreme Kombat Warfare Center in Durham, NC. The operational guidelines are classified until game time (hence the name), so I'm excited to hear what the objectives are.

All I know is that I'm going in ACU (tan), tan are the bad guys, I'm a Medic, we are limited in the number of magazines we are allowed to carry... and we have a "chemical weapons specialist".

Pictures, videos and more to follow...



They are ordered i will get my guns within the next few days=] well besides the shotgun i dont know what im getting for a shotgun but ill most likely have it by the 20th i hope

-Mr.Tyler John Pachai

Monday, February 8, 2010


In case anyone forgot, the team meeting is on February 20. Bring your gear and guns, we may have a little skirmish afterwards if the weather isn't too bad.

These are the people who are allowed:


If you have this name but you aren't a registered member, you aren't allowed!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


so one more day because my grandpas getting his paycheck tomorrow and hes buying all the stuff for me and im only getting my pistol tomorrow because there might be a very nice AEG thats very cheap on ebay and im going to see if that is a con or if its for real so i wont have a main gun anywhere from 3 days to 10 days so thats your update on my status=]

-Mr.Tyler John Pachai

Saturday, February 6, 2010

okay...changed my mind!

So, i was suppose to order my airsoft gear yesterday but my grandfather felll asleep and i couldnt but i will hopefully and most likely will order an earlier post i posted my choices for guns and equipment but theres also been change in plans in that area also.The final choices are as followed...

Umarex H&K USP Spring Airsoft Pistol
UTG M87 SOS Special Ops Spring Airsoft Shotgun V3.0
Spec Ops Reflex Sight
Echo 1 Official Kill Rag
and .2g High Grade BBs
and possibly a Green Shoulder Holster
All coming from

I already acquired my mask but it wasn't the one i said i was going to get because i found a cheaper and better one than the Vectra at Walmart(Ha).

So thats the current update for my quest to actually start Airsofting.=]

-Mr.Tyler John Pachai


I almost have enough money to get the AK-47 paratrooper that I want from, so I should be getting it soon. I'm going to order that, a can of airsoft gun lube, and replacement fuses for my gun. I'm going to get an Echo 1 official kill rag someday, so I might throw that in with this order.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

P90 FIXED!!!!

I finally got to piece together my P90, this is how you get it done. Don't worry, I did a firing test and this puppy has a better feel to it than it's previous body. This has a more textured feel, the last body was slicked. That chime in the background is the dogs eating. The receiver and the gearbox were a total bitch to put back on, if you listen carefully you can hear my obscenities and curses toward the gearbox. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!!


I forgot to sign out of dad's account so it posted as Fatjudo and not as Levi.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final P90 Update

Both my mom and I have been looking on the internet and my mom found a really good discount on a new body for my P90, $50 for a bran-spanking-new ABS plastic body! I just have to make 5 or 10 dollars and my gun would be set for the meeting. I only pray that nothing in my gear box cracked, and I think (and by think I mean pretty God-damn sure) I reset the gearbox spring before it fell. I would also like to welcome our newest member Tyler (T-Patch) to the team.

UPDATE (Tue, 10:20PM)

I just found $5 in nickels, dimes, and quarters. The body is on rush order, so when I get it (sooner than usual shipping), I will show a video on how to put parts back in, this MIGHT be useful for getting an idea on how to put AEG's back together.


Which I highly recommend for a CQB primary weapon or an open field secondary to snipers and light-machine gunners!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey! It's The new guy

Hey, this is Tyler, the newest member of the Eastern Task Force Airsoft team=D.Like Jason i'm very new to airsoft, more so then Jason probably. My plans are simply to make Airsoft a little more enjoyable, and of course to kick some names and take some ass(thats a little bit of the wrong quote but same idea...kinda). Anyways i have no gun yet but i'm working for my grandpa, and at the end of this week i'm making my purchase of a pistol, a shotgun, some bb's, and the good old mask because i don't really wanna die and thats the only way my parents would let me join. Just thought i'd catch ya up with the newest member and let ya know a little bit about me.

-Tyler John Pachai
aka the new guy=D
!..! >.< !..!