Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OP: Unknown!

Hey All,
I'll be running a skirmish this Saturday at Xtreme Kombat Warfare Center in Durham, NC. The operational guidelines are classified until game time (hence the name), so I'm excited to hear what the objectives are.

All I know is that I'm going in ACU (tan), tan are the bad guys, I'm a Medic, we are limited in the number of magazines we are allowed to carry... and we have a "chemical weapons specialist".

Pictures, videos and more to follow...



  1. Good luck with the match, I hope you can come over on the 20th, if the weather is good we will have a skirmish outback on the railroad tracks.

  2. That sounds like a blast! I can't wait for our next skirmish; the mini one in Levi's garage was a good time. I hope you do well.


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