Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rank Insignias Have Been Established

I just finished these at 12:30 last night, and if you look to your left you will see our version 2 emblem. I plan on making these insignias into patches too so you can sport your rank as well as the team emblem. If you are fine at the rank you are now, I will lock in your rank and you can receive an insignia. If there is a certain one you wish to receive, the keep on playing, if you passed the insignia you wanted to get; just ask and I can move your name down to that rank, put in the proper KP for that rank and put a "+" next to it signifying that you wish to be at that rank but have more KP than what's needed to rank up. The same goes for locking in any rank you obtain, you will receive the "+".

For example: (58KP) First Sergeant [John McPersondudeson* (58+)]
*fake name obviously

A new year

I'm glad that we are all back into posting again. It's been one hell of a year, that's for sure. About the logo, I'm sorry SBD, I can't use that logo. I plan on advertising the website in school soon and that logo has a sexual reference, the teachers would have a fit if they saw a shocker all around their school or on a locker. I have no problem if you guys wear it as a patch, I just can't use it as a public logo. I will be refining the current logo over the next few days. I think a new year, deserves a new image. Some kids at school would like to join but they are only in the financial situation for paintball or Dicks Sporting Goods guns, so I think they'll only be able to be a Google follower for awhile. When I get the team rosters set up, I will make rank logos. And those can also be made into patches too. Some time within these next few weeks, I will post the format of what information I need to make the team rosters, for example: preferred weapon, preferred tactics (stealthy, frontlines, CQB, etc.)


Lets see with almost no airsoft action my guns have decided to destroy themselves. My Ak's stock(which is also where the battery goes) has fallen off my Umarex pistol pretty much exploded and my Deagle has a crack in it, sounds just like something my guns would do...So with that ive decided im going to pretty much start over with airsofting like i had a choice. Im going to start raising some money and be back with airsofting in no time once i get the money of course which could take some time. I did all the calculating and it looks like im gonna need a little over $500 to get everything i need/want. Obviously ill get the essentials first such as the gun and bbs and things of that nature. i hope to be shooting your faces again soon.

Levi....Hear me....

Can't we puh-puh-puh-puh-lease use this logo?
I'm fresh outta photoshop...
Or maybe this one?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Close but not there yet

Greetings All,
Haven't been on in awhile but I'm getting back in the saddle soon. I haven't run the rifles much lately (last outting was first week of October, I think) but that should change really soon.

Why haven't I gone out much in 2010... hmmm, let's see: Ben-jammin
May... sleep...what is sleep
June... Eda graduation
July... Matt Graduation
July... Matt New Job
August... move out of apartment
September... Buy a new house (notice the one-month homeless stretch)
October... settle into new home
November... Eda leave old job...breathe
December... Eda starts new job...

Maybe January I'll get my life back.... but I doubt it.

It has been a great, hectic, wonderful, crazy, hectic productive and oh yeah...hectic year. One for the memories.

SBD and G-ma Sal should be making the venture south in early December... that's right, SBD will be armed to the teeth upon entering the great Airsoft state of NC. I'm sure we'll have some pics to post on that outting. I'm hoping for snow... down here it's alot of fun... not the three feet of nut-shivering cold snow... but a nice 1in pack so you can track fools!

The new blog stuff looks really great. I'll check in more regular now that I've got some semblence of order back. Hope all is well.

Over and Out

Monday, November 22, 2010

The New Updates

The updates are quite obvious but here's a list:

new background
new text color
share the posts feature
new arrangements with the sidebar

Hopefully, we may even be able to put up some airsoft advertisements on the sidebar to earn some extra coin and to help get our name out there.

New Gun Camos

Yes I know it's been FOREVER since we had posted. But we had just started getting into the swing of things with a little night mission. We played teams and 1v1. On the Teams aspect, we ended up with Fatjudo: 1 Me and Jason: 2. The way my new silencer was set up, it made some echoes that sound like I'm shooting from any where, and Jason had a quiet as a pin-drop, kick-ass, new AK. I would draw the attention and he would pick em' off from the darkest areas. Later, when things settled down, I got the chance to paint some awesome custom camos on Fatjudo's AUG A2 and My P90. And we did some sweet action photos for the team rosters that I will be posting soon. The rosters will be on a separate blog so that way it can be quickly referenced.

Here are the Camos:

Here are the action Photos: