Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rank Insignias Have Been Established

I just finished these at 12:30 last night, and if you look to your left you will see our version 2 emblem. I plan on making these insignias into patches too so you can sport your rank as well as the team emblem. If you are fine at the rank you are now, I will lock in your rank and you can receive an insignia. If there is a certain one you wish to receive, the keep on playing, if you passed the insignia you wanted to get; just ask and I can move your name down to that rank, put in the proper KP for that rank and put a "+" next to it signifying that you wish to be at that rank but have more KP than what's needed to rank up. The same goes for locking in any rank you obtain, you will receive the "+".

For example: (58KP) First Sergeant [John McPersondudeson* (58+)]
*fake name obviously


  1. Locking in a rank isn't permanent. It will take a little while longer to get the new insignia. The insignias will most likely be 7cm in diameter like the team emblem.

  2. Looks hot, my man! Quite the designer!!!! Have a great day and we'll be catching up this weekend to SLAY on Black Ops...S.B.D. is O.U.T.

  3. im set with my rank dude love the emblems too sweet job!

  4. Thanks. I can't wait to get these all made into patches.


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