Monday, November 22, 2010

New Gun Camos

Yes I know it's been FOREVER since we had posted. But we had just started getting into the swing of things with a little night mission. We played teams and 1v1. On the Teams aspect, we ended up with Fatjudo: 1 Me and Jason: 2. The way my new silencer was set up, it made some echoes that sound like I'm shooting from any where, and Jason had a quiet as a pin-drop, kick-ass, new AK. I would draw the attention and he would pick em' off from the darkest areas. Later, when things settled down, I got the chance to paint some awesome custom camos on Fatjudo's AUG A2 and My P90. And we did some sweet action photos for the team rosters that I will be posting soon. The rosters will be on a separate blog so that way it can be quickly referenced.

Here are the Camos:

Here are the action Photos:


  1. There was a glitch in the posting, the action photos phrase is supposed to be below the P90.


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