Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Close but not there yet

Greetings All,
Haven't been on in awhile but I'm getting back in the saddle soon. I haven't run the rifles much lately (last outting was first week of October, I think) but that should change really soon.

Why haven't I gone out much in 2010... hmmm, let's see:

April...baby Ben-jammin
May... sleep...what is sleep
June... Eda graduation
July... Matt Graduation
July... Matt New Job
August... move out of apartment
September... Buy a new house (notice the one-month homeless stretch)
October... settle into new home
November... Eda leave old job...breathe
December... Eda starts new job...

Maybe January I'll get my life back.... but I doubt it.

It has been a great, hectic, wonderful, crazy, hectic productive and oh yeah...hectic year. One for the memories.

SBD and G-ma Sal should be making the venture south in early December... that's right, SBD will be armed to the teeth upon entering the great Airsoft state of NC. I'm sure we'll have some pics to post on that outting. I'm hoping for snow... down here it's alot of fun... not the three feet of nut-shivering cold snow... but a nice 1in pack so you can track fools!

The new blog stuff looks really great. I'll check in more regular now that I've got some semblence of order back. Hope all is well.

Over and Out

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  1. I'm excited to see all of you as well! Maybeline has been craving a fresh target or two...we haven't been out in a while either. Mostly, just excited to see you , Eda and baby-Benji. Snow? Snow, you say? I'll be sure to pack my booties!


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