Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Field Gun

I've decided, once I raise a hundred dollars or more (after I get my holographic sight) I'm planning on getting an assault rifle AEG for field skirmishes.

Behold the Deadly Big Sibling of the FN P90...

...Behold The FN F2000!

To give you a comparison of the size, its as large as the AK-47 Paratrooper with the stock folded up, or nearly 2x the size of a P90! It holds M4 NATO magazines, fully ambidextrous, flip up rear sight and removable front sight, the hop-up is positioned under the dome behind the rear sight, and large battery compartment.
My sniper's all packed and tomorrow, sometime shortly after school, my mom will take me to UPS to ship it back to Shorty. Hopefully, it'll be fixed and returned quickly so I can do some sniping! And, I know that you're worried, Levi and Tyler, so don't worry; there'll be no ball-shots with my sniper. I'll go for the body/chest when I can, and the head if that's all that's visible.

Monday, March 29, 2010

UTG M324 Generation 5 Sniper Rifle Olive Drab

So, I received my sniper gun ~10 days ago; at first, I thought its low performance was just how it was, but after doing a little research, I found out that it's performance wasn't that great. It's supposed to get 200+ feet with .4g BBs, and the BB dropped at ~110 feet and rolled to exactly 129 feet. I contacted a nice technician from Shorty (where I bought it) named Rodd Rambo, and he's going to pay for me to ship it there so he can fix it. What a nice guy!

Aside from the gun being weak, one of the 24rd mags that it came with was broken when I opened the package up. I've had $#!TTY luck with being a sniper so far, but it looks like that'll turn around; I'm glad it will, for I really want to be a part-time sniper.

Attention airsofters

For those looking for exterior upgrades I found some sweet looking ones on Airsoft GI.

For M4 users

It can be as low as $30 per upgrade, with your choice of colors: Tan, Black, OD/Foliage Green.

Magpul is what you want to upgrade your gun to an ergonomic, kick ass, looking killing machine!

For AK users:

Shorty has rail setup for AK-47 for $60. You can get it once it re-stocks: Colors: Tan, OD Green.

And for SMG users there's a sweet $100 Holosight with a red/green option which has me sold once I earn $100

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Apparently there has been some confusion with the ranking system. I've read your comments like "you should get rewarded if you get zinged" and such. The system was never like that, even before the spring tournaments. The winter rules were "Every time an airsofter in the match is shot the shooter gets a Kill Point." That is the total opposite of what the rules were. I stated the winter rules because those BB's really ef-ing hurt in the cold. Its spring, that means it's a hell of a lot warmer which also means the BB's don't hurt as bad. The tournament KP system is better because I've seen some of our "tactics" and "difficulties" it was designed for the teammates who had "gun issues" or the people on the bottom of the list to move up a little easier. We also need to hone our skills like; getting appropriate cover (I've seen some of you hiding and most of the tome 50% of your body is easy pickins' because you hang out for so long), we need to improve accuracy, the speed of switching targets, leading your targets, ect. Tyler has had the worst luck with his guns during the winter, now, with the new system, he's not dead last on the list. The ranking list has no real purpose anyway. It's just for friendly competition. You don't get a reward for getting to Elite or surpassing the captain. And when we go into the pro-matches, rank is the last thing that's going to be going through your mind.

So with that out of the way, we need to learn; appropriate cover, taking point, clearing a room, silent communication (hand signs). And we need to go over appropriate role types for each member. As of right now, Tyler is a scout (Sct) and I am the coordinator (Capt). Depending on you skill, tactics, and preferred weapon, I can effectively choose who will have what role type (RT). If there is a specific one you are interested in, post a comment on which one you want.

Available RTs:

Light Machine Gunner (LMG)
Sniper (Snpr)
Front Lines Soldier (FLS)
Medic (Med)
Recon (Rec)
Scout (Sct)

You may have 2 RTs and more than 1 person can be the RT.

And Remember: This a team not even a year old, run by a 16 teen year old, there are going to be flaws, you just have to wait them out because when it's early, I want to get the crap out of the way as soon as possible and find what works best, and offers a fun challenge, I don't want this to be a lop-sided team favoring the teenage members. You can't expect something new to work perfectly.

The Scores

The scores for the tournament are:

Levi: 40KP
Jason: 20KP
T-Pach: 15KP

The next tournament details will be listed next week.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tournament Charts

Speed shooting ^

Long shot ^

These are the charts, you'll get a better look at them tomorrow, Bring your AEG for the speed shooting and a good single shot gun for long shot. We won't do the semi-final battle until next weekend for suspenseful purposes MWAHAHAHA! The Rules will be told at 12 o'clock tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

guess who's gotta surprise!

Tyler does! All I will say is an old friend is back from the grave! I will say however that its not that devastating!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry :(-

Sorry, esteemed members of the Eastern Task Force, but SBD will not be in attendance this weekend. As much as it pains me, it is my gf's bday and i gotta prioritize! I'll take a moment to think of you guys laying down heavy fire...all the wounded neckmeat...dented foreheads...general malaise...the agony of defeat and the spoils of victory. I can hear the rapid winding of hot gearboxes...the sweet report a bb makes when it goes from 380 fps to 0 on assmeat in an instant...(shudder)...oh, soon...Maybelline will come for you...just not this weekend. Until then...ah-likem-salami!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Season New Training

During the winter the training was practice skirmishes. Starting tomorrow, the new training schedule will take effect. All KP in unsupervised, without a ref., skirmishes, will no longer be used. To gain KP, we will have periodical tournaments dealing with certain specs, like long shot, speed shooting, moving target, hostage retrieval, and tactics. The top three of the tournaments will get large KP prizes. 1st place gets 20KP, 2nd place 10KP and 3rd will get 5KP. All places below get 1KP for participating and 2KP for finishing successfully. Fatjudo gave me the idea of the tournaments. I need us all ready to kill by July (the big match).

This doesn't mean that you should stop the practice skirmishes, use them to work on your skill. The first tournament is next weekend on Saturday the 27th. The challenge is the Long shot and Speed Shooting. I will have the tournament charts very soon.

Please leave a comment on if you are able to come.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday night

Thursday me and Jason had five rounds of a spring gun war it was the amazing deagle controlledby mysef against jason and his shotgun. All during this time having wrist dificulties from an accident that occured in school about 1 hour and 30 inutes before our war.

the first round quickly went to jason as he shot me right in my sleevless arm
the second round went to me as i shot him straight in his his helmets goggles
the third round again went to me however i dont remeber where i exactly shot him
the fourth round i one again by spotting his leg in a hole in jasons barn area and shot him in his leg and the final round went to jason as i waited in a cramed space for about 10 minutes as for nothing as jason shot me on the top of the head

so the final score of this war even with the wrist dificulties I, Tyler won 3 to 2 proving once again i am quite a good shot with my deagle.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Astrikk's Airsoft Closet : MOSFET M4

Just a quick post to show the increased RoF over my last post. The internal upgrades, MOSFET and barrel have made a preety noticable improvement.

I'll try to make a video to demonstate the accuracy improvement but shooting around the apartment community might just earn me a visit from the Po-Po! I don't wanna get shot!

I'll see what I can do! I look forward to making it up north soon... trade guns around. I wanna try everyone's new toys. AUG's, P90's M4's and AK's ...Oh MY!

Later all,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Astrikk's Airsoft Closet : Battery Power

I will be posting another video here soon. Fran (the sniper in the previous post) and I installed all those upgrade parts into my M4 rifle. If you think the rate of fire was pretty high with the 9.6V battery, wait until you hear it now! MOSFET...hmmm...me likey!

We went through the entire rifle... changed out the internals except for the three gears. Fran knows alot of tricks to increase compression (raise the fps) and reduce the overall noise. I put in a new 6.03mm "tightbore" barrel and now it's pretty close to the accuracy of my sniper rifle. Except it shoots at ~1000 rounds per minute! More on that later.

Hope you all like the video and rush out to you local battery supply shop!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Progress to date

Taking a few days and looking back on last weekends match I think we learned a ton.

1. The value of cover, now that we are all (more or less) equally matched as far as firepower goes, I saw by the end of the day that there was a lot less standing out in the open and much more refined firing. Picking shots if you will.

2. Trench warfare is so much fun. Honestly I know it took a little more to get used to but with the little peak holes and advantages of not seeing where your oponent was located made it a more of a "keep your eyes pealed" type match. SOOOOO loved the snow grenades. Makes me wonder if we will progress to sod grenades.

3. You DONT have to be a pro to have a good time...or obtain a fair amount of kills.....just as long as you have yourself the fine-est-es gun in the whole wide world....HUGGY BEAR BABY...HUGGY BEAR.

Just like the old AT&T jingle..."Reach out..Reach out and TOUCH someone".

4. Savahanna (sp) is one tough ass cookie. Anyone who takes a belt to the bean and comes back for more on her first run out is a real trooper and a welcome guest to the ETF team.

We gotta get her an invite.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Skirmish Schedule

There won't be a match on this weekend or the next because I have to do stage crew and work on a project, it's not just me who has to work on a project, Jason has to do one too and I think we need a break or else we'll break the bank just to get a bag of BBs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Li-Po Damage

If you guys want to see how badly a Li-Po battery will kill your gun, check out CrazyNCman's new video, Is It Li-Po Ready?, The first test (there's more to come), a crappy Dicks' Sporting Goods gun uses a Li-Po and the results are just plain horrid to that gun.