Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Field Gun

I've decided, once I raise a hundred dollars or more (after I get my holographic sight) I'm planning on getting an assault rifle AEG for field skirmishes.

Behold the Deadly Big Sibling of the FN P90...

...Behold The FN F2000!

To give you a comparison of the size, its as large as the AK-47 Paratrooper with the stock folded up, or nearly 2x the size of a P90! It holds M4 NATO magazines, fully ambidextrous, flip up rear sight and removable front sight, the hop-up is positioned under the dome behind the rear sight, and large battery compartment.

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  1. You should put that sweet pic of the "F2000 on drugs" that you sent me on here. Lol.


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