Monday, March 8, 2010

Astrikk's Airsoft Closet : Battery Power

I will be posting another video here soon. Fran (the sniper in the previous post) and I installed all those upgrade parts into my M4 rifle. If you think the rate of fire was pretty high with the 9.6V battery, wait until you hear it now! likey!

We went through the entire rifle... changed out the internals except for the three gears. Fran knows alot of tricks to increase compression (raise the fps) and reduce the overall noise. I put in a new 6.03mm "tightbore" barrel and now it's pretty close to the accuracy of my sniper rifle. Except it shoots at ~1000 rounds per minute! More on that later.

Hope you all like the video and rush out to you local battery supply shop!



  1. I am speach less. Beleive me when I say when I heard the switch from 8 to 9.6v my skin started to welt up all on its own. But after collecting myself and wiping the doo doo brown from my man thong, I realized that it is nice to have Levi as your ordering guru. Now I cant say that I have hopped up my internals or put a polished port barel on...but I can admit that I do have a 9.6 and it makes the world of difference....Although....I still have a firm belief... you can throw 30,000 rounds and not hit a thing. Its the one...well placed "plink" that markes up your bean and provides days of conversation.

    (I fear no man...but Astrikk is gonna bring his "A" game boys...we best be ready)



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