Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Season New Training

During the winter the training was practice skirmishes. Starting tomorrow, the new training schedule will take effect. All KP in unsupervised, without a ref., skirmishes, will no longer be used. To gain KP, we will have periodical tournaments dealing with certain specs, like long shot, speed shooting, moving target, hostage retrieval, and tactics. The top three of the tournaments will get large KP prizes. 1st place gets 20KP, 2nd place 10KP and 3rd will get 5KP. All places below get 1KP for participating and 2KP for finishing successfully. Fatjudo gave me the idea of the tournaments. I need us all ready to kill by July (the big match).

This doesn't mean that you should stop the practice skirmishes, use them to work on your skill. The first tournament is next weekend on Saturday the 27th. The challenge is the Long shot and Speed Shooting. I will have the tournament charts very soon.

Please leave a comment on if you are able to come.


  1. Will the nine KP I got on Sunday with Tyler count?

  2. I dont see why they wouldn't. I mean practice is practice is it not ...and hey lets face it any time you get caught with one of them little gems you should get some reward.

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  4. i agree with the judo, maybe the sergeant will cut some slack...

  5. I ALREADY ADDED IT, geez... if you guys look to the left they went up the day Jason asked. And if you guys look, he got the KP the day before the post so it counts. It doesn't count if they had a match on tuesday because its after the declaration of the tournaments.


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