Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday night

Thursday me and Jason had five rounds of a spring gun war it was the amazing deagle controlledby mysef against jason and his shotgun. All during this time having wrist dificulties from an accident that occured in school about 1 hour and 30 inutes before our war.

the first round quickly went to jason as he shot me right in my sleevless arm
the second round went to me as i shot him straight in his his helmets goggles
the third round again went to me however i dont remeber where i exactly shot him
the fourth round i one again by spotting his leg in a hole in jasons barn area and shot him in his leg and the final round went to jason as i waited in a cramed space for about 10 minutes as for nothing as jason shot me on the top of the head

so the final score of this war even with the wrist dificulties I, Tyler won 3 to 2 proving once again i am quite a good shot with my deagle.

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