Saturday, March 27, 2010


Apparently there has been some confusion with the ranking system. I've read your comments like "you should get rewarded if you get zinged" and such. The system was never like that, even before the spring tournaments. The winter rules were "Every time an airsofter in the match is shot the shooter gets a Kill Point." That is the total opposite of what the rules were. I stated the winter rules because those BB's really ef-ing hurt in the cold. Its spring, that means it's a hell of a lot warmer which also means the BB's don't hurt as bad. The tournament KP system is better because I've seen some of our "tactics" and "difficulties" it was designed for the teammates who had "gun issues" or the people on the bottom of the list to move up a little easier. We also need to hone our skills like; getting appropriate cover (I've seen some of you hiding and most of the tome 50% of your body is easy pickins' because you hang out for so long), we need to improve accuracy, the speed of switching targets, leading your targets, ect. Tyler has had the worst luck with his guns during the winter, now, with the new system, he's not dead last on the list. The ranking list has no real purpose anyway. It's just for friendly competition. You don't get a reward for getting to Elite or surpassing the captain. And when we go into the pro-matches, rank is the last thing that's going to be going through your mind.

So with that out of the way, we need to learn; appropriate cover, taking point, clearing a room, silent communication (hand signs). And we need to go over appropriate role types for each member. As of right now, Tyler is a scout (Sct) and I am the coordinator (Capt). Depending on you skill, tactics, and preferred weapon, I can effectively choose who will have what role type (RT). If there is a specific one you are interested in, post a comment on which one you want.

Available RTs:

Light Machine Gunner (LMG)
Sniper (Snpr)
Front Lines Soldier (FLS)
Medic (Med)
Recon (Rec)
Scout (Sct)

You may have 2 RTs and more than 1 person can be the RT.

And Remember: This a team not even a year old, run by a 16 teen year old, there are going to be flaws, you just have to wait them out because when it's early, I want to get the crap out of the way as soon as possible and find what works best, and offers a fun challenge, I don't want this to be a lop-sided team favoring the teenage members. You can't expect something new to work perfectly.

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  1. Quite frankly, I'm indifferent about the new KP system; as Levi said, the rankings don't really mean anything. Levi, I want to be a sniper (hopefully Shorty can fix my gun) approx. half of the time, but I also want some up-close action where I'm going full-on with my AK-47S. Would that arrangement be fine for now?


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