Friday, April 30, 2010

The Battle Plan.

Alright so here's the schedule:

12:30- Watch Black Dynamite and eat lunch
1-6 p.m.- Airsoft or goof off
7-8 p.m.- Night mission, (and there's a hilarious bonus mission in store)

So.. Uhm.. That's pretty much it, we might do other stuff to fill some areas but that's the jist of it. I gots flash lights if chu needs it, I gots the hook-up.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Sword

No, we're not going to be bring real swords with us when we airsoft so we can kill each other; there's a new brand-o-airsoft stuff out there named Real Sword (my jokes aren't that funny). So, it's a brand with quality that's arguably better than Tokyo Marui! They've only got five weapons out so far: three AK variants and two guns that I'll explain in some detail in a little while. There's the Real Sword Type 97 and the Real Sword Type 97B. I think that the Type 97B is pretty snazzy, but what I'm really fawning over is the plain ol' Type 97. The real-life Type 97 is a Chinese weapon that was kept a secret, even within parts of its own government, until 1997 (hence the name Type 97). I don't know what it was called when it was a secret though. For all five of Real Sword's guns, they use the same exact materials as the real-life version of the gun!!! Here's a quote from Shorty USA giving the description of the Type 97's materials: "This rifle is constructed using a blend of CNC machined duralumin, nylon 66 polymer, steel and rubber giving it realistic heft and ruggedness."

This gun uses its own custom battery; no other battery will work. The mags that it uses are M4/M16 mags, but they're a little thicker to give the gun the same specifications as the real-life version of the Type 97, so you've got to buy the Real Sword mags, which, surprisingly, aren't very expensive. Its muzzle velocity with .2g BBs is 430FPS, so it's a pretty powerful gun; it's ROF is 900RPM. With .28g BBs, this gun shoots at 180ft with "surgical precision," according to Shorty USA.

The only problem? This gun costs $449.99, so I don't think that I'll be getting it anytime soon, although I really want this gun! There are 130rd mid-caps and 300rd hi-caps available for this firearm.

The picture of the Type 97 that I want is at the top of this post.

The Weather

The weather on Saturday looks pretty decent, it's gunna be 75 and cloudy. Of course, it's gunna colder at night but not as cold as the trench warfare skirmish.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fair Warning!

I intercepted this recording and it may be something you guys should hear!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay, so there's this guy on who has got 808 reviews, and, as far as I can see, they're all about airsoft and airsoft guns! His name's Jarek4. Click here to go to his channel on youtube. I haven't watched any of his videos yet, but I'm sure that he's good if he's got 808 reviews and many, many guns.

I GOT something fo YA'!

These gots ya name on em B-yatch!
I'll give em to ya at ~450fps!
I HOPES you LIKE em!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I retested my hop-up for my P90, and hot damn it shoots far! By my eye, it's roughly 180ft with out lobbing the BBs. Those who are participating in the night mission, (the date is probably gunna be saturday instead of Friday so SBD can make it, if you have a green dot option or an attachable light, USE IT, it's gunna be dark in. If you have a gun with rails and no light, bring a small flashlight with the diameter of roughly a quarter, I have a scope loop that can hold it for standard weaver rails.

The reason I say green dot is because green is harder to see from the victim's point of view, but is excellent to see from the marksman point of view.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My new sick frikin pistol!

This, as you call o duty fans might recognize, is the M93 Raffica. It's $170 for the gun with a thirty round magazine, $30 for a foldable stock, and $55 for a 50rd high cap mag (the one shown above is the low-cap (30rds)). It's a green gas, gas blow back, pistol with a foregrip, semi, burst and full auto options, and extended barrel. All these are improvements from it's previous model the M92 Baretta. It comes in full metal, and it's black. This gun can slay. The issue that I have is finding a pistol mag pouch that holds such a large (50rd) mag.

History and changes:

The M93R is a new model from Baretta. The R stands for Raffica, which in english means burst. It was made as an assault pistol for the Italian police forces. To accommodate for its high rate of fire, it takes larger magazines. The Trigger guard was made larger to fit your thumb into for proper foregrip holding, the foregrip can be folded up if it isn't needed. The foregrip was a revolutionary design to increase accuracy, it's easily ten times more stable than the two hand grip we all use for holding the gun. The slide was redesigned to increase durability, I believe the angular design for the slide is either used for easy grip or to protect it if a bullet was to hit it. There's a flash hider attached to not only hide the flash (duh) and to reduce recoil as the blast is pushed up, pushing the gun down (working against recoil) this is fairly similar to the P90 flash hider design. The sights are also made into a sleek low profile look, leaving room for a RIS (Rail Interface System) in the event of a red dot or laser sight.

If you had the patience or interest to read through all that, congrats! You have been schooled in the ways of weaponry and can now understand what the hell I'm talkin about when I speak about guns, even if it's just a little bit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

P90 On Drugs!

Just like the "F2000 on drugs" that Levi uploaded a picture of, here's a picture of a P90 on drugs! I came across this image while surfing the web and decided to share it with you all. It looks pretty intimidating! The sight that this picture came from custom-builds these for $725. That's a lot for an Echo 1 P90!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well not such great news

Today after school I came home to not such great news....much like Levi and his family I'm moving....just a lot further away all the way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is not for sure but there is a huge and very good possibility since my parents haven't stopped talking about it and they also have a place picked out down there. I wish SC was a little closer to home that way I would be able to travel to PA when Levi and his family move, but if i do move then it looks like ETF air soft might be down a member. =[
Today, after coming home from school, I opened up my package from ShortyUSA. My UTG M324 returned, and it works like a dream! It's been fixed. It's amazing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My sniper, the UTG M324, will be returning to me on Tuesday from ShortyUSA. It's been fixed, I assume. I can't wait to shoot y'all with it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cool CQB Video

Here's a new video from AGI showing their CQB match in a CQB arena that they made in about ten minutes out of scraps, basically. It's pretty interesting. Each person's equipped with one of two of AGI's newest custom guns and five 30rd standard-capacity mags.

Click here to watch it.

Here's another cool video. Watch it.

F2000 ON DRUGS!!!

If I raise enough money after I get the F2000, I can make it look like this:

Rubber Bayonet for Airsoft?!

Instead of walking up behind someone, tapping on their shoulder, and telling them they're dead, there's a new, better way to kill someone with a "melee kill": a rubber bayonet from AGI that's only ten bucks! For the ten dollars, you get the bayonet, what appears to be a sheath in the picture, and a spring-loaded clip to attach it to a barrel of an M14, M4 or an M16. I'm sure that the clip can be arranged to fit any gun, such as my AK-47 S, but I wouldn't put it on my AK anyway; I'll just keep it on my vest.

You better watch out... You'll suddenly feel the light slash of my rubber melee weapon against your neck-meat if you're not careful. Muahahahahahahaha!

Click here for the link to the bayonet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Airsoft vid

For those who want to see a sick airsoft skirmish, click here. It's a mil-sim match held at an old victorian era fort. Un fortunately, this takes place in the UK so we can"t go...

And I have gained conformation that the F2000 arrives on ASGI very soon, G&G Armament has the release date scheduled sometime this month. Even though I can't afford it yet, I want it to sell out now and let the hype die so when I do get the money, it won't be out of stock down the road.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Etf on twitter?

I don't know about everyone else but as of myself id like this team to be well known. Today i made myself an Etf twitter account. If you already have an account follow me at etfairsofT_pach and also my none Etf account is T_pachman.

I'm pretty sure that the only team member using Twitter as of now is Jason, so i say that Twitter is a great website to update people on the etf air soft team also its an easy way to get urgent messages to other team members if you have the tweets sent to your phone.

It's up to you if you want a twitter account however i believe and im sure Jason will back me on this its a great way of communication just as easy as texting and can be as cool and fun as fun things=p. If you decide to have one and need help I will help and im sure Jason is willing too also. Again this only a suggestion.

The day at Jason's house!

Today, well at Jason's house we had a few quick rounds of a springer match(total of 4).
It was Jason with his Galaxy Pistol and UTG Shotgun against Me and my D-Eagle and Umarex Pistols.

The first round i won with my Umarex Jason was hidden near a couple of truck hoods and he stood up and I got him in the stomach after about 3 minutes of firing at each other.

The second round was also own by me this time however i got him with my D-Eagle i was hidden on the side of one of his barns and we went side to side of that barn multiple times before i finally got him after again about 3 minutes of firing.

The third round things changed a little Jason won with the few bbs he had left in his Shotgun he situated himself inside of his small pool house and structured multiple barriers between me and him he gave me a few clues as to where he might of been by gawking like a bird many times however it wasn't until the first shot of his shotgun was fired just missing my uncovered legs that i realized where he was. I quickly ran to the corner of the barn and switched to my Umarex pistol from my D-Eagle and even though i didn't feel it Jason told me i got shot on the loose part of my t-shirt with his shotgun this time was about 10 minutes about 8 of the minutes were used just searching for Jason though.

Our forth and final round i had a clear advantage as Jason with only his Galaxy pistol took on me with both of my pistols fully loaded his pistol with only about 5-10 bbs left. I also was the one able to hide and he was the one searching for me. I hid in basically the same location as the first war at the barns corner. Jason came around the tree line i saw him just as sudden he saw me i fired the first shot just hitting the ground below his foot the second i fired same results the third however got him, right in the leg(an uncovered leg may I add) and as soon as i heard him scream ow i knew who had won i did in about 2 minutes of firing.

So final results of the day Tyler- 3 kills Jason- 1 kill since it was about 80 degrees we decided to just both go with t-shirts and shorts which increased pain very much but still it was a very fun day but we had to end after four matches cause I like winning and some delicious hamburgers were cooked.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pics of the newest Team member

7lbs 6oz and 20 3/8 inches.... more details to follow.

I already have his first Woodland Camo set! Can you say minature M4 assault rifle!

Thanks all,

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am currently working on a new cooler looking ETF logo/patch, it will take a while to make but i am thinking of having three choices and you guys vote on the one you like best.
I got four new mags yesterday: a 100rd (it doesn't hold all 100 yet) AK-74 midcap (it looks cool in my AK), a 550rd waffle AK mag, and two mags for my shotgun.

Not-So-Airsoft related! alarm going off!
4:42am...wife alarm going off! I think my water broke... yup...broke!


... and we're off to the hospital in a bit.

More to come soon... it's only 5:17am.