Thursday, April 22, 2010

My new sick frikin pistol!

This, as you call o duty fans might recognize, is the M93 Raffica. It's $170 for the gun with a thirty round magazine, $30 for a foldable stock, and $55 for a 50rd high cap mag (the one shown above is the low-cap (30rds)). It's a green gas, gas blow back, pistol with a foregrip, semi, burst and full auto options, and extended barrel. All these are improvements from it's previous model the M92 Baretta. It comes in full metal, and it's black. This gun can slay. The issue that I have is finding a pistol mag pouch that holds such a large (50rd) mag.

History and changes:

The M93R is a new model from Baretta. The R stands for Raffica, which in english means burst. It was made as an assault pistol for the Italian police forces. To accommodate for its high rate of fire, it takes larger magazines. The Trigger guard was made larger to fit your thumb into for proper foregrip holding, the foregrip can be folded up if it isn't needed. The foregrip was a revolutionary design to increase accuracy, it's easily ten times more stable than the two hand grip we all use for holding the gun. The slide was redesigned to increase durability, I believe the angular design for the slide is either used for easy grip or to protect it if a bullet was to hit it. There's a flash hider attached to not only hide the flash (duh) and to reduce recoil as the blast is pushed up, pushing the gun down (working against recoil) this is fairly similar to the P90 flash hider design. The sights are also made into a sleek low profile look, leaving room for a RIS (Rail Interface System) in the event of a red dot or laser sight.

If you had the patience or interest to read through all that, congrats! You have been schooled in the ways of weaponry and can now understand what the hell I'm talkin about when I speak about guns, even if it's just a little bit.

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  1. LOL I did read it all, of course. That's pretty interesting. It's one of like three GBB pistols that has the burst option. I think that'd be sweet! I didn't know that the P90's flash hider's design was to allow less recoil. That's actually a really good idea. I can't wait to see this baby in action (even if it's shooting at me ha ha...)!


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