Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rubber Bayonet for Airsoft?!

Instead of walking up behind someone, tapping on their shoulder, and telling them they're dead, there's a new, better way to kill someone with a "melee kill": a rubber bayonet from AGI that's only ten bucks! For the ten dollars, you get the bayonet, what appears to be a sheath in the picture, and a spring-loaded clip to attach it to a barrel of an M14, M4 or an M16. I'm sure that the clip can be arranged to fit any gun, such as my AK-47 S, but I wouldn't put it on my AK anyway; I'll just keep it on my vest.

You better watch out... You'll suddenly feel the light slash of my rubber melee weapon against your neck-meat if you're not careful. Muahahahahahahaha!

Click here for the link to the bayonet.


  1. The only issue is that physical contact with the enemy is illegal in airsoft, but it does add that sick CoD feel to airsoft when you knife kill.
    You still have to whisper "knife kill" though.

  2. Oh, well too bad you can't even tap it on someone. It is still a sweet prop though!


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