Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fair Warning!

I intercepted this recording and it may be something you guys should hear!


  1. We shall see if you can hit my neckmeats in the dark! HALLAH MALLAH ALLAH!!!

  2. Oh and thanks, those BBs will do nicely and I ordered a 3bag set for the time after, so there will be plenty of painful BB love to spread upon YOUR NECKMEATS HAHAHA!!!

  3. This has GOT to be one of the BEST and Funniest things I've seen in along time! Absolutely hilarious

    You've stepped it up a notch sir... lets see what some responses to this CLEAR act of open defiance will escalate into!

    I may be mistaken but I have heard that Gen. McCrystal (Forward Commander of US Forces in Afganistan) has viewed this communique and is preparing his media response to directly combat this open show of hostilities!

    I wouldn't be suprised, however, if the FBI shows up un-announced! Hide yer airsoft BBs!


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