Saturday, April 24, 2010


I retested my hop-up for my P90, and hot damn it shoots far! By my eye, it's roughly 180ft with out lobbing the BBs. Those who are participating in the night mission, (the date is probably gunna be saturday instead of Friday so SBD can make it, if you have a green dot option or an attachable light, USE IT, it's gunna be dark in. If you have a gun with rails and no light, bring a small flashlight with the diameter of roughly a quarter, I have a scope loop that can hold it for standard weaver rails.

The reason I say green dot is because green is harder to see from the victim's point of view, but is excellent to see from the marksman point of view.


  1. are we jammin this weekend??? please, please, please??? I wanna shoot my Maybel!

  2. I can prolly be there early sat afternoon...sat morning i have to hit some month-end ppwk then it's high time for killin!

  3. Hells Yes we are, its gunna be a night mission this weekend and I needs to buy sum mo BBs foo!

  4. i picked up an extra bag of G&G 5.95d .25g (4000rnds) for you, so don't run out and order any...if they aren't high enough quality (which i'm sure they are) I'm sure Judo will use 'em. see ya mister!


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