Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Sword

No, we're not going to be bring real swords with us when we airsoft so we can kill each other; there's a new brand-o-airsoft stuff out there named Real Sword (my jokes aren't that funny). So, it's a brand with quality that's arguably better than Tokyo Marui! They've only got five weapons out so far: three AK variants and two guns that I'll explain in some detail in a little while. There's the Real Sword Type 97 and the Real Sword Type 97B. I think that the Type 97B is pretty snazzy, but what I'm really fawning over is the plain ol' Type 97. The real-life Type 97 is a Chinese weapon that was kept a secret, even within parts of its own government, until 1997 (hence the name Type 97). I don't know what it was called when it was a secret though. For all five of Real Sword's guns, they use the same exact materials as the real-life version of the gun!!! Here's a quote from Shorty USA giving the description of the Type 97's materials: "This rifle is constructed using a blend of CNC machined duralumin, nylon 66 polymer, steel and rubber giving it realistic heft and ruggedness."

This gun uses its own custom battery; no other battery will work. The mags that it uses are M4/M16 mags, but they're a little thicker to give the gun the same specifications as the real-life version of the Type 97, so you've got to buy the Real Sword mags, which, surprisingly, aren't very expensive. Its muzzle velocity with .2g BBs is 430FPS, so it's a pretty powerful gun; it's ROF is 900RPM. With .28g BBs, this gun shoots at 180ft with "surgical precision," according to Shorty USA.

The only problem? This gun costs $449.99, so I don't think that I'll be getting it anytime soon, although I really want this gun! There are 130rd mid-caps and 300rd hi-caps available for this firearm.

The picture of the Type 97 that I want is at the top of this post.

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