Saturday, April 3, 2010

The day at Jason's house!

Today, well at Jason's house we had a few quick rounds of a springer match(total of 4).
It was Jason with his Galaxy Pistol and UTG Shotgun against Me and my D-Eagle and Umarex Pistols.

The first round i won with my Umarex Jason was hidden near a couple of truck hoods and he stood up and I got him in the stomach after about 3 minutes of firing at each other.

The second round was also own by me this time however i got him with my D-Eagle i was hidden on the side of one of his barns and we went side to side of that barn multiple times before i finally got him after again about 3 minutes of firing.

The third round things changed a little Jason won with the few bbs he had left in his Shotgun he situated himself inside of his small pool house and structured multiple barriers between me and him he gave me a few clues as to where he might of been by gawking like a bird many times however it wasn't until the first shot of his shotgun was fired just missing my uncovered legs that i realized where he was. I quickly ran to the corner of the barn and switched to my Umarex pistol from my D-Eagle and even though i didn't feel it Jason told me i got shot on the loose part of my t-shirt with his shotgun this time was about 10 minutes about 8 of the minutes were used just searching for Jason though.

Our forth and final round i had a clear advantage as Jason with only his Galaxy pistol took on me with both of my pistols fully loaded his pistol with only about 5-10 bbs left. I also was the one able to hide and he was the one searching for me. I hid in basically the same location as the first war at the barns corner. Jason came around the tree line i saw him just as sudden he saw me i fired the first shot just hitting the ground below his foot the second i fired same results the third however got him, right in the leg(an uncovered leg may I add) and as soon as i heard him scream ow i knew who had won i did in about 2 minutes of firing.

So final results of the day Tyler- 3 kills Jason- 1 kill since it was about 80 degrees we decided to just both go with t-shirts and shorts which increased pain very much but still it was a very fun day but we had to end after four matches cause I like winning and some delicious hamburgers were cooked.

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