Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here's the Dealio

Since I've recently become employed at Burger King in Cortland, I'll need about a two-week advance notice for any airsofting events on the weekends. I'll have to request it off that far in advance, but it doesn't guarantee that I'll get it off.

In other news, I've pimped out my vest by adding four new pouches and a patch to it. The patch is pretty sick. I also ordered ~19,300 BB's. Yeah, that's a crap-load. ~16,000 are my favorite: .25g HP OD G&G's, and ~3,300 are white .3g P-Force BB's for my sniper, which is now accurate and awesome.

My UTG AK-47 is a piece of crap, and it's slowly breaking piece by piece, but I'll be able to buy a new, better gun soon with BK money. I'm torn between three different Echo 1 AK variants; they're all very unique, and I guess they could be considered rare at an airsoft course since there are mostly M4's, M16's, M14's and regular AK's.

That'll do for now.

Oh and I look forward to shooting you.