Friday, March 12, 2010

Astrikk's Airsoft Closet : MOSFET M4

Just a quick post to show the increased RoF over my last post. The internal upgrades, MOSFET and barrel have made a preety noticable improvement.

I'll try to make a video to demonstate the accuracy improvement but shooting around the apartment community might just earn me a visit from the Po-Po! I don't wanna get shot!

I'll see what I can do! I look forward to making it up north soon... trade guns around. I wanna try everyone's new toys. AUG's, P90's M4's and AK's ...Oh MY!

Later all,


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  1. oh God...lord have mercy on me soul...and tender little fleshy parts...Whats next...homing bb's. I had a dream last night after watching this video... for those of you who are seasoned enough to remember..."Is that you John Wayne"...and "Too Bou-cou"....The line that comes to mind is the brief exchange between Prvt Joker and Chopper Gunner.

    Pvt Joker "Have you shot women and children?"
    Gunner "Yes"
    Pvt Joker "How do you shoot women and children?"
    Gunner " Easy.....You just don't lead them as far"

    courtesy of Full Metal Jacket. IF you have not seen it...I have a copy you can enjoy.

    At the end of Asterikk's video...if you scroll all the way to the end will see the same crazed look as the chopper gunner.



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