Thursday, March 4, 2010

Progress to date

Taking a few days and looking back on last weekends match I think we learned a ton.

1. The value of cover, now that we are all (more or less) equally matched as far as firepower goes, I saw by the end of the day that there was a lot less standing out in the open and much more refined firing. Picking shots if you will.

2. Trench warfare is so much fun. Honestly I know it took a little more to get used to but with the little peak holes and advantages of not seeing where your oponent was located made it a more of a "keep your eyes pealed" type match. SOOOOO loved the snow grenades. Makes me wonder if we will progress to sod grenades.

3. You DONT have to be a pro to have a good time...or obtain a fair amount of kills.....just as long as you have yourself the fine-est-es gun in the whole wide world....HUGGY BEAR BABY...HUGGY BEAR.

Just like the old AT&T jingle..."Reach out..Reach out and TOUCH someone".

4. Savahanna (sp) is one tough ass cookie. Anyone who takes a belt to the bean and comes back for more on her first run out is a real trooper and a welcome guest to the ETF team.

We gotta get her an invite.


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