Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, heavens!

First, thank you to the cats at for all their help! The dudes there are as cool as it gets! (Big fan of buying keeps local Americans working!) Secondly...damn you Astrikk for hooking us all up with those fine pistolas. You've created nightmares!!! Here she is..."Miss Maybeline". She's an Echo 1 - Stag 15 M8A4 cqb. You can call her Mabel for short. I figured with all the artillery everyone has, then it had to be this sweetie! She sounds mean enough on semi...but with a smooth flick...she becomes a real bitch! I cant wait! I picked up a tactical vest, a 450 rnd mag for "backup", a fancy urban-turban, a case, but no scope as yet. I've got time. Here are a couple pics for your enjoyment! Judo...I love the forehead! That's a fine dent! Well played!

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Muzzle Velocity: 350-360 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds


  1. Now yer talking the mean machines baby! That's one fine beauty you got there! Does she sit out a hose of pain! This summer is gonna be SICK with dented heads!

    What battery are you running on it? We'll talk aftermarket gadgets soon!

  2. That last picture... all I can think of is Tropic Thunder! The Aussie-black-man character!

    Whadda ya mean YOU PEOPLE!

    Never go full retard!

  3. Yeah! Maybe I'll rip a superdark spray tan and grow a Gomez moustache too! Sounds like getting ready for parenthood involves the use of screwdrivers n such! Getting excited I bet? Thurman would be a fine name or maybe even something classier like T'waalib. :) Ok, on to man-biz! O'l Maybelline here came with a battery included. Its a nunchuck style Ni-CD Shuangbao 1.2v 1500mAh. Jibbety-flibbety or something. Levi gave me some options, but def need to get a second battery. I'm so excited everyone will be somewhat on the same page with weapons. I'll loan Mikey Holl my Dick's rifle just so he'll come out to play! I picture him as the greasy South American dictator type. I just wanna shoot at him a little to tell ya the truth! This spring oughta be silly for sure! I HAD to get the head wrap cause everyone always shoots each other in the face and I don't wanna look like Ed Helms in the Hangover. Can't wait to shoot...i mean see you! Tell Eda I said hello!!!


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