Saturday, February 20, 2010

well today was interesting

Well today whether it was guns breaking people breaking guns shoes coming untied or getting shot in the forehead it was still a fun day. Ive taken a further look on my broken pistol (thanks dad=/) and its most likely a dead pistol so i may be ordering a new one sometime shortly.Also my eBay gun broke randomly(thanks weather=/) in the middle of battle while shooting at Levi. On top of all that my stupid boots came untied about 72 times and i had a burping issue(Thanks 4 Cokes=/) that made the inside of my mask kill me before the others could shoot me. After finally getting somewhat situated i got a total of 6 kills my first time with a spring gun CO2 pistol and regular pistol that i never used in my life so overall id say not a bad day just a rough one.

-Tyler John Pachai

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  1. Sounds like a rough one buddy! My first couple pistols had a fair amount of issues...but they got me hooked! Hang in there!


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