Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, currently i have a pistol a kill rag a mask bbs and some lube today my grandpa got the long awaited eBay orders that i figured weren't going to be that good he gave my the shotgun i tried it out it actually was better then expected but still not that great so today i ordered my final order from shorty to get my shotgun im also ordering extra mags and a spec ops reflex sight and my shotgun from eBay came with a laser pointer which im going to take since that can very well be useful. i should hopefully have my orders by Friday if not defiantly Saturday

- Tyler John Pachai


  1. If you need any help finding an excellent AEG (automatic electric gun) just tell me the type you are looking for and any attachments you want and I'll find the quality shist and email you the links, with free shipping for any order over $100. There are other cool guns besides a FAMAS out there, so think about what you want for awhile. Although, you are going to have to be willing to shell out around $200 because good guns with attachments are $200. A bad AEG is under $100, and there's an 85% chance it sucks, anything over $100 is 98% good. Usually. I say 98%, because my P90 shattered but I fixed it.

  2. yea i changed my mind a couple days ago when i was looking through Shortys stock i like the ECHO 1 Vector Arms MOD47 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle Full Metal now and thats about $200 on Shorty


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