Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its time we step up the game!

See these pictures, do you know what these are?They are motion trackers! These pieces of science fiction are no longer fiction for $250 a pop, they only sell in a 2Pk for $500. You may ask, why the hell would anyone want to spend $500 on two plastic bricks with a screen? These plastic bricks can detect other units up to 500 meters!!! Thats 1640 Feet!!! There's an SOS button that alerts friendly tracker units. Any units within the range appear as a circle with an ID number from 1-10, and other channels range from 1-20!!! If you don't want to change channels, there's a password code with five or six digits so only units with the same code appear. I don't know about you guys, but I'm already sold. Once I raise $500 or $250 with someone who wants the other unit I'm getting this, and I might have someone machine shop a housing for this that allows me to attach this to a weaver rail so it mounts to my P90 side rail. I would appreciate it if all teammates gets one of these with another teammate. The only issue that I have with this thing is that when you need to charge it, you need a wall plug converter because it's a European product. I think Fatjudo might be able to find a few converters for these units. These units, if used right, can detect where friendlies are and reduce friendly fire, because when one of us goes around a corner you can tell a friendly is there and not shoot blindly, loosing KP might I add. Over all this thing is awesome!!!

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  1. WOW, this thing looks like it'd be amazing to have! Too bad it's so expensive.


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