Saturday, February 20, 2010

Major Killin Time!!!

Today, there was a mass genocide. We must have a moment of silence for the dead, Fatjudo..... Ok, we played team death match, for awhile. I was using my low cap P90 mags. I didn't do so well. Jason freaking reamed the enemy on this mode. Then we had a game of CTF. That time I freaking reamed. I only got shot like 2 times. The final scores. Jason: 22 kills. Levi: 22 kills (it would have been 24, but I shot Jason a few times while he was re-spawning). Fatjudo: 7 kills. Tyler: 6 kills. Tyler would have had many more kills if his ebay shotty didn't split in half or if his USP40 didn't get smashed by his dad. It was a lot of fun, the real fun started when it was getting dark and I could finally use my red dot. We are having another match this Saturday or Sunday if the weather is decent, I hope The Iron Sheik can make this one, if not that's ok, this is all practice until the big summer match. Be sure to bring lotsa BBs, I went through atleast 500BBs in a few matches.

From now on, all local teammates in the New York region, if you are going to purchase something, we will pool our cash, if you want something, just tell me, give me the money plus a fraction of shipping, (if it's over $100, there is no shipping) (give me the money once we purchase it) this way, we can all get our orders at the same time, plus there is reduced shipping so we all save money. Instead of paying $5 or $10 shipping, if we split the shipping, it could be as low as Free shipping.


I want 3 bags of BBs for $33
Tyler wants a new scope for $40
Jud wants a new battery for $30
And Jason wants a red dot battery for $10
All from airsoft GI
The Total: $113
Shipping: $0
Handling: $2
We Pay for only what we want, and add 50 cents to it for the handling. I don't Know about you, but that sounds a hell of a lot better than adding $10 shipping to each of these individual orders.


  1. I really like the money-pooling idea. Do you think that we could do that with Shorty too? That way, we could reduce that $5.99 handling charge with each person pooling in.

  2. Cool. It wouldn't be as money-saving as if it were from Airsoft GI because there'd still be shipping on orders over $100.00, but it'd still save on the handling charge and we could get our stuff at the same time. How are we going to know when we're gonna pool an order though? Blog posts?


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