Saturday, February 13, 2010

Operation: Classified

Well, it was a long day of good skirmish. I killed more than I got killed so thats not so bad! My buddy, Fran (picture above), and I ran most of the day with our sniper rifles. It had snowed the night before, so it made for some interesting play (lotsa people eating it while running). People were pretty visible on the white backdrop, hunkering down and waiting was pretty cold and damp (reminds me of rabbit hunting... except the rabbits don't shoot back).

In airsoft, range is everything... and snipers range all! We had ~2-3 fixed positions where we could consistently drop shots through building windows; however, machine gunners could not reach us. It allowed us to cover our advancing troops and give them the ablity to get into forward postions. There really is nothing more fun than pickin people off on rooftops, or when you are well hidden as enemy slowly creep into range and they don't ever see it coming!

That being said... I stopped keeping track of my kills at 15... it's hard to keep count when there are so many people running around and you're dodging bullets! Falling back as they push forward... noone likes to get hit... but that's the fun of it.

Alright later all,


  1. Nice job, are you on the top picture? I looked around it and couldn't find you.

  2. That looks so awesome AND a bit chilly. Now not to sound like an old buzzard I am sure it was a little cooler up here when we had our match...but then again we were sprawled out on cold concrete...not out in the "bush" getting ground moisture...brrrr. Honestly I may wait till spring before I start crawling around on my belly....with my imaginary "Huggy Bear". Thats what I am gonna call my AUG. Huggy Bear...reach right out there and wrap some love all around you, a warm blanket of bullets.

    Cant wait to see you guys.

  3. That sounded really fun. I didn't know that you are a sniper/have a sniper rifle too. If I ever have a lot of money in the future, I'd like to get a sniper rifle too. I like the surreptitiousness of snipers and I'm a pretty good aim.


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