Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All tremble at the mighty power

(an excerpt found scrawled in a cave in late 1988)

Years ago...walking through the Mai-Kong Delta I met a grit hardened American who claimed his birth name was "Rambo" Bob Wilder. Short in stature, long in the tooth, but a war hardened soldier none the less. As we shared a can of Bin-Blown dog food, in the hot sweaty floor of the jungle he suddenly stopped short his sentence and was over took by the 100 yard stare. Pale....motionless.... sweat glistening from his bristle broom mustache matted with Bin-Blown dog food. I had only seen him drift off one other time since we had been assigned to one another over a seven month span. That night I never would have believed a man was capable of such physical horror to another human being ....much less a scout team of ten VC market farmers...but thats a whole different story all together. His bottom lip began to tremble, dog food dancing in the corners of his mouth like little misshapen puppets dancing the final number in some sick twisted Jim Hensen skit. ...Uttering a dark distant raspy voice... eyes still focused ....not on a object in front of us ....but an object in time...a distant vision that only his minds eye could see. Swallowing hard he tried again...clearer now more to a whisper.... I leaned in to hear the syllables being thrust past the stale hot breath of dog food...."Muddy Bear"..."Muddy Bear". ... No that wasn't it...but before I could ask him to speak louder. "CRACK" from off in the distance...his head opened up like a lotus petal and I was covered in Bob brains and teeth. It clicked.......HUGGY BEAR!....slamming myself to the deck off in the distance I heard some non understandable jibberish...And I knew "Rambo" Bob had been just tagged by the notorious Fatjudochop

(ps. got my gun you like it?...Cause its sure gonna like you)


  1. It's like a harlequin romance from hell! I love your huggie and cant wait to witness it in action! Counting the days my man!

  2. Freaking awesome, so much for Rambo lol

  3. That looks awesome. I can't wait to see it in person. Nice story too.


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