Saturday, February 6, 2010

okay...changed my mind!

So, i was suppose to order my airsoft gear yesterday but my grandfather felll asleep and i couldnt but i will hopefully and most likely will order an earlier post i posted my choices for guns and equipment but theres also been change in plans in that area also.The final choices are as followed...

Umarex H&K USP Spring Airsoft Pistol
UTG M87 SOS Special Ops Spring Airsoft Shotgun V3.0
Spec Ops Reflex Sight
Echo 1 Official Kill Rag
and .2g High Grade BBs
and possibly a Green Shoulder Holster
All coming from

I already acquired my mask but it wasn't the one i said i was going to get because i found a cheaper and better one than the Vectra at Walmart(Ha).

So thats the current update for my quest to actually start Airsofting.=]

-Mr.Tyler John Pachai

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