Sunday, February 14, 2010

Its nice to have the knowledge

First let me start off by saying . Thank you for the battery post....although I am no was one aspect of the gun that I gave very little initial thought about. Saves me money, time and the heart ache of the learning curve.

Call me fickle Franie. I know I am going machine gun. I know its gonna be an AUG a.k.a Huggie Bear...I was thinking A3 but to be honest I love the look of the original gun. SO I plan on making my order today. After all it is Valentines day. NOTHING saiz I love you like a machine gun.

I am fearful though of Astrikk's latest post. About not having the reaching power. I can see me making a charge...feeling pretty good about my positioning and cover...and as I am drawing a bead down on say Mr. Thumbs...a small 2mm "reminder" reaches out to assure me that there is a bonafide professional out there....and I have no idea where he just tagged me from.

As fir the vid...? Underground footage of Jason showing me his "skill"



  1. Hmmm I can't wait 'til I can watch this video!

  2. I tried that with my P90, I didn't aim high enough (the sights are like 3 or 4 inches above the barrel) and shot dad in the back of the head lol.

  3. Oh, this is the video of when I shot the can! I would've known that if I could have watched this... Damn dial-up! I'll have to watch this next time I'm in a place with wifi.


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