Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey! It's The new guy

Hey, this is Tyler, the newest member of the Eastern Task Force Airsoft team=D.Like Jason i'm very new to airsoft, more so then Jason probably. My plans are simply to make Airsoft a little more enjoyable, and of course to kick some names and take some ass(thats a little bit of the wrong quote but same idea...kinda). Anyways i have no gun yet but i'm working for my grandpa, and at the end of this week i'm making my purchase of a pistol, a shotgun, some bb's, and the good old mask because i don't really wanna die and thats the only way my parents would let me join. Just thought i'd catch ya up with the newest member and let ya know a little bit about me.

-Tyler John Pachai
aka the new guy=D
!..! >.< !..!


  1. Tyler, I'm glad to see that you finally made it to the team. I'm sure that we'll have fun shooting you.

  2. oh you will mr.Jason i sure i will enjoy getting shot at


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