Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yet another match

We had yet another match. It was overwhelming with first encounters. I pray that I will fare better against that Huggy Bear. We also gained a new member, Savannah, a cousin, who did very well for her first match.


Fatjudo: 15
SBD: 15
Savannah: 9
Levi: 6
Tyler: 6
Jason: 5

Also, I gave Fatjudo and SBD multiple eyes and SBD gained a swollen lip.


  1. If anyone is wondering why Jason went up 10 kills instead of 5, Jason had a match yesterday and got 5 kills.

  2. Dude, I really sucked yesterday! The Huggy Bear got me the second I poked my head up! FJC is went from the easiest target (when he just had a pistol) to being the team's mass-murderor!


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