Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 20th

On February 20th, the meeting will be at noon, you are welcome anytime after 8am if you wish to come early. After we go over all the topics which may take a few minutes, we will (if the weather permits) have a skirmish shortly after in the back woods of my backyard.

If the weather is very bad on the 20th but its good the next day we will have it then.

If its bad then, we will absolutely have the skirmish the weekend after.

If this is a bad time for anyone (the 21st or the 27th) vote "no way!" on the sidebar.

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  1. For now, I'm not voting in the poll because I don't know if those alternative dates will be okay yet. I'm free for the 20th, so I sure hope that the weather's nice then!


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