Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Skirmishing

Today there were 5mph winds, and at 29°F, Jason and I had an awesome 1 vs 1 match, called SWAT vs Terrorist. I was the SWAT, with my P90, Jason was the Terrorist, with his AK-47 Paratrooper. The Paratrooper is awesome, but couldn't handle the might of the mighty P90. I will post a vid that we recorded through most of the rounds, we had a pistol war (not recorded) and in SWAT v Terrorist, that had all but 1 round recorded, when I was recording the first round, the camera shut off by accident.

Round 1, I was hunting the Terrorist with my FN P90, I saw a shadow move around, into a shack. I followed, I turned around and no one was there, I check the shack next door, and I saw the terrorist just as he shot at me. I somehow get away from the bullets, when the bullet rain ceased, I turned around and shot him right before he could even react.

That was the 1st round that had issues with recording, so, when you see the vid, the score is 1 : 0.

There was also glares in the camera, so if the place seems pink, its just the glare, try to look past that.

The final score, SWAT 9KP : Terrorist 5KP

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  1. Thanks for coming, dude! I had a really fun time airsofting. I can't wait to do it again on Saturday! :p


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