Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Huggy Bear..where are you?

This is a live up date...the fighting has intensified to almost a "fevered frenzy" almost akin to Great Whites or possibly Free Fry Day at McDonald's. As you can see the boys are well equipped for battle. T-Patch has been plagued with gun issues since the first bell rang. The cold seems to be the Airsoft enemy. So his shot gun is now a modified pistol grip with out the grip. Levi was gracious enough to lend him his spring loaded single shot slinger. So which brings me to photo #2. T-Patch and Fatjudo were teamed up. A spring loaded single shot and a C02 pistol with 12 shots vs. Levi with the ECHO 1 P-90 and Jason's AK. Some would say that a photo is worth a thousand words....Lets just say that this "tell tale" is one of many welts that are riddled across my sloth like frame. To be very honest it stood me up right and the world went a little blurry. I could not tell if they were tears of laughter or my cerebral cortex wincing from the punishment. Either way I wouldn't have it any other way...OH HUGGY BEAR WHERE ARE YOU......



  1. That's a sweeeeet shot. What's the exit-wound look like? Pizza on the wall?

  2. I'm lovin' the third eye, if I poke it, will you crap your self? Like in The Love Guru?

  3. Quick poke it... poke it... I wanna see some brown in those trousers... but seriously... y'all need to start braving the cold and get alittle further away from eachother... lest serious brain damage occurs!



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