Thursday, February 25, 2010

That'll do pig...

Hey everyone! Hope the snow is treating you right! Just a quick update:
Picked up a big bag of 30g rounds, and wow, do they fly! The new 1x30 red/green dot scope helps them find their way onto a soup can grouping at about 35-40 yards with no hassle. I swung by the army navy surplus joint and grabbed Fatjudo a set of digi-camo's so you'll feel him before you see him! Grabbed a quick pair of snow camo bdu's and am ready to pull the "sheik-n-bake" on ya! bap-bap-bap...s.b.d.

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  1. Do you see..? Do YOU See?.....DO YOU SEE!!!!!. I can feel the blisters on my fingers with all the trigger pulling I will be doing. Sure hope I am not on the "collectin" end of them 30g "darts" you will be slingin...but I know I will have a few with my name on them


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