Thursday, February 25, 2010

ordered! and heres the pics of my ak47

first off id like to say that i just ordered my desert eagle yesterday night so ill have that very soon=]

also here are some pictures of my UTG ak47warhawk commando AEG=]

It is quite the gun its much like Jason's Paratrooper obviously however this gun comes with more rails than his i think. Mine comes with 4 i dont remember how much the Paratrooper comes with though but almost everything else resembles the Paratrooper

-Tyler John Pachai


  1. Mine doesn't have any rails, you know that.

  2. no i said i dont remember so obviously i didnt know that!

  3. It would seem that we are all prepared for this weekend...Now alls we would need is a "mullet" or as some would say a "meat sack" to express just how much we enjoy playing... that sack would have the initials MH. And no...its not Mike Hunt....


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