Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final P90 Update

Both my mom and I have been looking on the internet and my mom found a really good discount on a new body for my P90, $50 for a bran-spanking-new ABS plastic body! I just have to make 5 or 10 dollars and my gun would be set for the meeting. I only pray that nothing in my gear box cracked, and I think (and by think I mean pretty God-damn sure) I reset the gearbox spring before it fell. I would also like to welcome our newest member Tyler (T-Patch) to the team.

UPDATE (Tue, 10:20PM)

I just found $5 in nickels, dimes, and quarters. The body is on rush order, so when I get it (sooner than usual shipping), I will show a video on how to put parts back in, this MIGHT be useful for getting an idea on how to put AEG's back together.


Which I highly recommend for a CQB primary weapon or an open field secondary to snipers and light-machine gunners!

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  1. ha i dont know where jr. comes from but thanks ya=D


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