Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WTF (Where's The F2000???)

Its been almost a month since the expected release of the G&G F2000 and it hasn't released! G&G is seriously letting me down and a lot of the fans of this gun. At least I have my P90. If the employees of G&G see this, which is highly unlikely, I ask them this wtf (where's the F2000)?

Not airsoft related:

A sick new xbox game is coming out, EA is making a Grand Theft Auto style game called APB (All Points Bulletin). A few of you have heard me talk about this. Here's the details if you are interested:

-MMO style (massive multiplayer online) = hundreds of people to play with or against
-on PC now, coming to 360 in June (hopefully)
-Possible membership fees for PC (Xbox is undecided since Xbox Live is paying for many server fees)
-Choice to be a cop or criminal
-100% character customization (including tattoo location and design)
-Clothes Decals
-100% vehicle customization
-people can't steal your customized car
-loads of guns
-User Marketplace
-group formation (like police squads or gangs)

-plus multiple other details that have yet to be revealed

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