Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sum Mo Akshun

This is just a sample of what we were doing in Black Ops Airsoft. The main issue was that the fat guy on Tan Team wouldn't call his hits and there was a dude with a riot shield that knifed everyone, but we had a great action packed time. It was 18 vs 14 (we were the 18). We smoked the shart out of their bases and SBD bombed some poor sukas with his Pea Shot and Powder Shot grenades. Some time (when I raise more money, I'll ask SBD to pick me up a few for total PWNAGE) I only used a yellow smoke grenade that blinded the Tan, which allowed us to advance whaaaay the hell up! Everyone that played here is all ranked up and Astrikk, if you played on Saturday, please tell me how many kills you got.


  1. Dude SBD, your silencer makes you gun sound so beastly I heard some people shart themselves!

  2. buddy, i must not hear what you guys hear, but yeah a couple cats mentioned it today and i got all fuzzy looks pretty mean on your 90 too. when we hit the lottery we're going to the war store! excellent shooting today mister! well done!


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