Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well.....Bad News

My dad found a job in SC at a "High quality fancy restaurant named Dirty Dicks" as a chef so ill be moving sometime in August to Shallote NC which is pretty much at the bored of NC and SC it doesn't look like i'm gonna be a member of the team for very much longer :(.


  1. That sucks, man. With Levi and you moving away, who will I have to airsoft with?! I hope my airsoft stuff doesn't become useless...

  2. Distance does not mean you cannot remain a member of the ETF unit!

    Look up adventure Beach Paintball... it is located in Myrtle Beach North Carolina... not too far from Myrtle Beach South Carolina!

    They have regular games there... alot of fun...and you can show em how ETF rolls!

    Good luck with your move,

  3. Yes, I's lifetime membership my homie! We'll patch you up and unleash you on them suckas down south! We'll pull a big event before everyone goes in diff directions, I'm sure!


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