Friday, May 14, 2010

Maybel's new supressor...

Just finished...just add's a little tough...


  1. She's a one sexy beast! I like the colapsable stock that still holds the battery... looks like a real steel rifle...

    You got a case for that thing? Don't get shot walking to and from your car with it! You might make the Buffalo PB a little nervous!

    Looks to me like it's almost time to buy ANOTHER one! hehehe

  2. yup! got a sweet case and after my first narrow brush with the BPD...i don't like to encourage and sure dont like the attention! another one? my wallet's still smoldering from Maybel! yes as a matter of fact its a toss up...sniper perhaps...but will be looking for a nice pistola eventually. i still have my clear co2, but get some looks with it being clear...oh well...the business end is all they'll know. i just picked up some smoke mister! i have red yellow and purple! I'll send asap, but prolly monday as tomorrow is the big skirm! i'll update pretty soon as i have to lay out the loot, organize, pack and dream of swollen neck meat!

  3. oh and the supressor actually changed the report. so cool..

  4. IF I were looking at the business end of that mean critter I may just have to start wearing depends. Actually looking at the photo now ....made me shart a little. I gotta go get cleaned up....Any one got any brown cammies....Anyone need a little face paint? Hey...I don't remember eating that!!!!!!!


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