Saturday, May 15, 2010

90` and No Clouds

90` and no clouds = alot of sweat
alot of sweat = less clothes

less clothes = ALOT of WELTS!
This was the first time I ran without a chest-rig only wearing a T-shirt. Stingers, baby! All day long! I ran with my sniper (Reach-OUt-and-Touch-somebodY aka Routy) and let two friends work the M4 (Tommy) and MP5 (Ashley). I tried to keep track of kill-numbers but I'm not entirely sure so I'll be conservative at ~15. I know exactly how many times I was hit... count the welts!
I'm glad that you all had great outting... those pictures are great... the one-eyed moster really freaks Mom out! Did all of your opponents fall before the screaming fury of ETFairsoft! SBD looks like a born instigator... whipping up the battle cries! So the smoke and grenades were a hit!? I can't wait to use them down here. Levi, T-Patch and Jason- yall sling some stingers at them Fat-bodies!? Don't worry about No-Hit calling... just keep drilling them until they call it... hey it's their cellulite getting churned up! They'll feel it tommorrow!

Hey FatJudo... did you get a chance to CHOP! How did the AUG perform under the extreme combat situation!? How does that nearly!-40 year old body hold up under war!? My nearly!-35 year old body gets alittle creaky after a couple hours in the - did I mention- 90-freakin degree, not a cloud in the sky- weather!
I'll post some more pictures is a minute,
Good hunting all,

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  1. it appears everyone had a great day in the warzone! the smoke grenades were blown about a bit with the wind...but on a calm 90 deg day...prolly work nice. the purple seemed a little weak, but i got a half dozen assorted heading your way tomorrow. last weekend a couple kids had the orange marine flares from dicks. two of those and the feild was blaze orange for about 10 min. lil more expensive i hear, but you may have a dicks card w some freq flyer points to help drop that cost!

    Thanks for getting us hooked on the mayhem!


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