Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If I am allowed to give any homework to you, it would be to study the rules and regulations of BOA and of their skirmish. I believe the "hit" system also applies to Skirmishes.

To read the rules of this go to Events ----> TAS Events ---->Rules

It's essential that you all read all the rules at blackopsairsoft.net if you don't know the rules, no offense but, you'll look like a total retard and get booted for breaking a rule. So study up if you want to have fun!

Also under the skirmish rules, there are game modes that we will quite possibly play, read their description and you won't be a n00b if the BOA member says "Ok, we will now play Hogan's Alley." that way you won't have to ask "What the hell is Hogan's Alley?" But, some game modes aren't covered so don't worry too much about that.

The Schedule For Saturday:

Friday Night: get a GOOD night's sleep, even if that means going to bed a 8 or 9 to be sure that you fall asleep before midnight!

Saturday 6am: This is when the bus is leaving, you may bring a pillow to sleep out the 2 hours if you want. But be sure that you have packed everything you ABSOLUTELY NEED (batteries, water bottles, BBs, Gas, Magazines, Gear, Guns, ect) we don't have a lot of room to carry every little bit of tid bits that you don't need. SBD, I hope you can plan out a system in the morning so you can too make it at BOA by 9 o'clock, we need our Iron Sheik!!!

Saturday 6-9: During the trip we will stop by somewhere to go eat breakfast

Saturday 9-10: This is when we will register and turn in the waivers, chronograph our guns, and get prepared.

Saturday 10-2: This is when the match will occur and at 2 o'clock we will have a lunch break, pack you self a "quickie" snack incase you do get hungary before then. (I have a big back Pouch if you need me to carry it)

Saturday 2-5: Second half of the skirmish then at 5 we head home and praise the awesomeness.....


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  1. is Hogan's Alley where Bob Crane made his videos...or where he recieved his BEAT DOWN? I'm fuzzy....


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