Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New tightbore

I'm a little bummed that i may have left my old barrel and the packaging of my new one at the war store...I'll give you the vague specs...had a 140mm stock barell and now jumped in length to about 250mm (almost doubled)...i believe its a 6.02 maybe 6.03...i know it's not 6.01. that's what sucks..but put a few rounds through it and I'm happy. The true test is the accuracy at the 150' mark. If i aim at knuckes...i want to hit knuckles! we'll see...she was sharp before...simple upgrade for slight fps and much better distance. $30 is cheaper than a field rifle!!!

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  1. No worries on 6.01 mm barrel. I think that you'll be just fine with a 6.02 or 6.03... probally even better. 6.01 will jam up if you don't clean alot and go fully auto.

    As far as fps or rpm upgrades... I would suggest a "compression" upgrade. it will help your fps alot and give you a consistency to match you tightbore. that includes: air nozzle, piston and piston head.... think o-rings, you want lotsa o-rings!

    Using the same spring (stops you from needing a new motor and gears), you can increase fps just by adding a steel spring guide WITH bearings and a piston head WITH bearings.... think BEARINGS. That will simply increase compression on the spring (since the distance is decreased) as the piston is charged. It will add as much as 30-50 fps. That's a real change in distance.

    If you do both the compression and bearing upgrades... heat... smokin hot ... HEAT

    Speaking of SMOKE...
    Thanks a bunch for those pretty little jewels! I can't wait to corner some clowns in a building and roll that sucka in on em!

    the iPood shirt is awesome... I'll take some pictures!

    Later all


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