Saturday, May 15, 2010

More pics - See Next Too

I should say... mom took all these pics... she took one shot to the stomach for her trouble! Do you see the kids standing in the background of the top picture... well if you could see their faces you'd see unbridled FEAR. They heard that M4 and they knew they were in for the PAIN. Hell, I was seriously reconsidering letting Tommy use it outte fear of being on the recieving end. But Alas, I sac`ed up... moved swiftly and took aim for the knuckles! Hot-cold, wet-dry... knuckle shot hurt like a BYATCH!


  1. i like the kid at the top...evern with camo, the fear and bewilderment show through! - advice increase range (i know it's designed for cqb, but precision barrell? piston snd springs? oh, airsoft oracle hear my supplications!

  2. I love all the pics. I love all the camo. No joke it makes me home sick for the south. Its like when we used to go cat fishing down at the santee cooper. The sun show's through the trees in your pictures just like it did when we were pullin lunkers out of the water way. But I digress. I have to agree with SBD....thanks for getting us hooked on all the madness. Its really a great way to burn a saturday, have fun with some friends....and hunt men... :-) "it only happens when the summer runs hot....and this summer it runs very hot"..... I love the pics and I so wait for the day that we can trade plastic and sit around a yittie camp fire and chuckle about the days events.


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