Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Front-End on my MP5

Just wanted to add a couple pics of my MP5 with its new parts installed.
I replaced the plastic front handgrip a metal RIS and vertical front grip. The battery is wired to the back and is covered with a velcro sleeve. I put a couple of internal upgrades that I posted earlier. Oh yeah, a tactical sling as well.

This MP5 only shoots around 320fps and ~900rpm. Great for CQB games. What fun!



  1. Pretty sick MP5N. Bring that with you when we go to BOA (Black Ops Airsoft) sometime in June or July. They have a pretty sick CQB area and a HUUUUUGE field zone!

  2. Levi, they have a CQB area too? You never told us that ha ha.

    Astrikk, that's a kick-ass gun, dude. I was lookin' at MP5's when I was looking for a first gun, along with SIG SG 550's, before I picked my AK-47S.


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