Friday, May 28, 2010

Patches Fo Less

The patch with the diagonal hand looks sweet. I have a solution to the patch thing, we found a website a few months back that can make these 7cm in diameter and velcro to put on the vest, for $100 you can get roughly 100 of 'em. If you want SBD I can download the pictures and get them ordered soon or I can find the link and post it.


  1. Hey check out the patches, the pic with the vertical hand points up while the diagonal points to the Logo!

  2. if you want just copy and paste the logo, or i can send you a bigger one, but it worked fine for the dude i sent it to. sure man, grab 100 for 100...let your dad know and I'll either send some dough or Astrikk the Chopp and myself can knock it out three ways...whatever, however, just lmk!

  3. "Shock and AWE-Some"..."Patches o hou..."....I only have one comment and that its "The best damn patch idea I have ever seen" The only problem that I can see is that we will not have enough made to go around. I mean I can fit 20 on my BDU's, one for each back portion of my hand, and if I can find the right "Trucker Hat" one....dead center in the middle of my bean surrounded by the 0.99 cent white foam that you stamp your logo too. Awesome Idea....great design. I vote we move forward and make this thing official!

    FATJUDO - Stands to affirm his support of proposed patch "Shock and Awe" to represent the ETF. All those in favor?

  4. I still like the diagonal one the best. And FatJudoChop, AGI sells hats in all the camos with a spot for a patch on the front. I think they're only $12.

  5. SBD - Stands to affirm his support of proposed patch "Shock and Awe" to represent the ETF

  6. Astrikk salutes with a Fo Sho! Fo Sho!
    When the bean-counters get finished, lemme know I'll send off some cash money! I especially like the velcro idea but whatever works!

    Great job on the design and I'll proudly flash the ETF shock & awe symbol as I pop them caps!

    Astrikk out!


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