Saturday, January 16, 2010


From now on, I will be using my Mac computer to upload posts on the site.
If your internet has issues with videos, I will post a short summary at the bottom.

This is just me showing off my P90 AEG

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  1. Nice gas mask! Was that a helmet too? I'm sure that butt-shot was petty sweet to watch! hehehe

    Are your goggles in the gas mask ANSI (or ANZI, i can't remember) rated? That is a ballistic rating so that they don't shatter and send nice little glass shards in your face/eyes!

    I ran my MP5 today. It was pretty sweet, nice rate of fire... I think it only shoot ~330-340 fps. I use it as my backup for when I run as a sniper.

    I got some upgrade parts coming for my birthday (new hop-up rubber, metal bushings, metal spring guide with bearings and new piston head with bearings... the bearings allowyour sprng to release any built up pressure from sinning inside the piston).

    See the Ranking system post reply for the action details from todays airsoft outting, I forgot my camera!



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